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My wish
Стихи на иностранных языках
Автор: Talya_Na
What do I want and what do I really need?
The place – to sleep and the same one
For my friends to feel welcomed and be able to meet ...
To have a milky-white soul
Without any dark spots like a rich soil after the snowfall …
Want to have a bed – nice and soft from the rustling autumn leaves
Mixed with the gathered at dawn mint -
Not much of it, just a hint ...
I want to be able to write to God
Lovely and warm notes,
Enjoy the ride on a bumpy and windy road.
To have a fresh cream in my morning tea,
To laugh aloud from ear to ear
Till my cheeks are sore
To the core…
If I have to cry -
I want my tears to be happy tears, with a smile
I want to take all unwritten lines,
Thoughts, unspoken words and forgotten dreams
And to strung them on a thread to dry
Next to the house - on the sunny side ....
I want to be where my heart resides
To greet the strangers with a nod and a little “Hi!”
I want to keep falling in love from the first sigh
Again and again …with the same guy
And everything - to be easy and light
Like chamomile coloured dress
Shiny, simple, bright, with no sadness or stress
I want something to live for, to strive for
And to have a huge life plan like never before….
It looks like my list’s turning out quite long
May be I need to break it into short verses of one endless song
And sing it – piece by piece when I am ready
Because what I DON’T really want is
To have all at once and to become
Demanding and
Опубликовано: 13/11/18, 02:07 | Просмотров: 528 | Комментариев: 2
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Here the soul is! But 'ready' - 'greedy', is wrong rhyme, don't you think?
charity  (03/08/19 05:16)    

Любовь, спасибо за комментарий, простите только увидела, отвечая на него: нет я не думаю, что рифма не подходит, на мой взгляд она очень даже точная, у нас, например, оба слова в разговорном произносятся практически через хорошую такую «и» biggrin
Talya_Na  (15/11/19 14:28)    

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